At every event in a Feastly venue, a Feastly-hired Venue Manager will be present. The role of the Feastly Venue Manager (VM) addresses two primary needs: 

  • Site Coordination
    • Event timing & access
    • Equipment & supply stocking
    • Selective chef assistance*
    • Oversight of chef utilization, load-in,-check out, cleaning
  • Brand Advocacy
    • Welcome host
    • Chef introduction
    • Guest interaction (seated at the table)
    • Event closing (optional to discuss with chef)

*Venue managers are not expected to act as a server or kitchen staff. At their discretion, they may help clear / serve plates but this is not required. Under no circumstances should a chef be dependent on the VM to facilitate their service.


The first element of the VM role is to facilitate operational efficiency. Our greatest struggle currently is maintaining the organization and cleanliness of our shared venues. It is important to stress that all Feastly venues are used by different chefs every day. Therefore, it is essential that every chef take responsibility for returning the space to “show condition” at the end of each shift. Our VMs will be overseeing this and it will become a rigid focus moving forward.

Event Timing and Access

  • Timing – The VM will coordinate with the chef to understand what time they would like access to the venue.
  • Access – The VM will arrange for opening (whether it is by a lockbox, code or personally opening the door).
  • Finish kitchen – As a rule, our venues have “finish” kitchens and we ask that chefs do the majority of their prep offsite and arrive prepared.
  • Start time – to that, the official first-access time at Feastly venues is 3pm. Please coordinate with the VM for any variations.

Equipment and Supply Stocking

  • Equipment – As we build new venues we are outfitting them with similar equipment for consistency. Lists are provided at If there is something we do not have, you are welcome to bring it for your event.
  • Supplies – Cleaning supplies, linens, candles, etc. will be maintained by VMs. If any supply is running low during your shift, please communicate with the VM so they can order more.

Oversight of Chef Utilization, Load-in, Check-out, Cleaning

  • Oversight – The primary role of the VM is to uphold the policies and rules for utilizing our venues. If anything is missed by the chef, the VM will point it out and we ask that chefs be receptive to the feedback. Everyone benefits from consistency.
  • Cleaning – Our greatest struggle is enforcing the standards for maintaining clean venues.
    • Pre-event inspection: please take note of elements that are not up to standard before your event. We will communicate them to the previous chef.
    • Working clean during events: a prepared chef will be in control and clean as you go. This will reduce the impact of cleaning after the event.
    •  Post-event cleaning: every chef is responsible for returning the venue to ‘show’ condition. This means that every surface should sparkle and that we would be able to show the space to prospective guests or chefs with pride.
    • Getting help: We all know that you’re tired at the end of an event. Nobody wants to spend the time to clean perfectly. Plan ahead and staff accordingly to get the space back to show condition.
  • Check Out – The VM will walk through our checklist and note anything that is not up to standards. Please respect their oversight and work together to get the list completed.
  • Cleaning Fines – In order to maintain standards, we will be instituting fines for venues that are left anything less than show condition. This should not really be a factor, as the VMs will be walking you through check out at the end of a shift. But, if there is a circumstance where a venue is left sub-standard, we will charge $50 per hour for our cleaner’s time, assessed in 30 minute increments.

Selective Chef Assistance

  • Set Up – The VM may assist in setting the table and other decorations if previously coordinated with the chef. They may not assist in food prep in any way.
  • Service – During the meal, our VM may determine to assist in clearing plates or serving. This is totally up to their discretion and dependent upon the flow of the event (see below regarding their role in brand advocacy).
  • Clean Up – Similarly, the VM may help at the end of the meal to get the venue back to show condition.


Perhaps the most important role of our VMs is to represent Feastly to the guests. While each chef and event is unique, we believe it is important to create some levels of consistency for all Feastly events. Moreover, we have found that the single greatest factor of creating repeat Feasters happens when guests have an opportunity to engage with Feastly staff and chefs at the dinner table. Therefore, we are now instituting a policy that will facilitate VMs to have a seat at the table at most events (see below).

Welcome host

  • Arrival – as guests arrive, the VM will welcome them, introduce themselves and, if possible, introduce the guest to the chef.
  • Social Lubrication – the VM will help introduce guests to each other and work with the chef to coordinate seating. Their goal is to help make the cocktail hour as smooth as possible for all guests.

Chef introduction

  • The speech – The VM will introduce the chef. We have provided our VMs a template for the script. The main points they are covering are:
    • Welcome People (see how many are first timers)
    • Overview of Feastly
    • Introduce Chef
  • Dish intros – Between each course we ask that the chef provide guests the story of each dish. This is optional, but recommended.

Guest interaction (seated at the table)

  • Seat at the table – the biggest shift in the role of the VM is that we would like to have them seated at the table during the meal.
  • Providing the seat – following are the terms that we ask the chef to provide a seat / meal for the VM:
    • If your meal is sold out to the MAX of the venue capacity, no seat will be allocated. Please understand that this is based upon the MAX capacity of each venue and not the MAX you have set for your meal. In this case, our VM will float around during appropriate times to engage with guests.
      • If your meal is not sold out to the MAX capacity we ask that you set a seat (ideally in the middle of the table) for the VM, provided by the chef (please factor this into your budgeting for your meal).

      • Everyone benefits – we have discovered that when a Feastly rep is at the table, guests have many questions about our universe. This is the greatest opportunity to engage people for promoting meals. We’re training our VMs to simply be conversational and not aggressively ‘sell’ Feastly. This means that we will be cross-promoting everyone’s meals and we all benefit.

Event closing (optional to discuss with chef)

  • Farewell – please discuss with your VM if you would like to close the event or have them do it.