Below is a timeline of our onboarding cycle. You are likely already somewhere in the middle of this process:

  • APPLICATION: Interested chefs should complete the chef application and watch our introductory videos
  • DEMO: Select chefs will be invited to a Feastly venue to demo their dishes for the City Director. A professional photographer will be onsite to photograph the dishes and take a headshot.
  • ACCEPTANCE: Chefs who are approved to host through Feastly will receive an acceptance e-mail from their respective City Director that includes instructions on how to begin hosting.

    ------------------------->> YOU ARE HERE <<-------------------------

  • PROFILE: Create your chef profile: your profile should contain a clear headshot (pictures of you in a kitchen, in chef’s gear or cooking are useful) and a fun bio of your experience, inspiration and motivation for cooking.

  • PAYMENT: Add your payment information: please do not forget to link your bank account immediately. This is the only way to get paid.You will not be able to post your meal until your bank account has been linked and approved, which may take up to 36 hours.

  • POST: Create your menus and post your meals online


Your Feastly dashboard, located by clicking on your username on the top right corner of our website, is where all of your account details are managed. 

  • INBOX - All of your communications with Feastly guests occurs here. You can message individuals or groups (your past attendees).
  • HOSTING FEASTS - Here you can create, edit, analyze and market your Feastly meals. You can also add seats, manage the guest list and add more dates to existing meals. Note that you can create discount coupons in the marketing section to offer your VIPs.
  • ATTENDING FEASTS - This is where you can manage the events you’re attending. We strongly encourage our chefs to attend other meals and will offer you discounts (please ask your CM).
  • REVIEWS - After each meal you will be reviewed by your guests. You can see a summary here, as well as leave reviews for other chefs.
  • MY PROFILE - As mentioned above, this is where your chef profile can be edited.
  • FOLLOWERS - Users can follow individual chefs. If someone has chosen to follow you, you can see them here and also communicate with them.
  • ACCOUNT - Here you will enter your bank information for payments and track all of your payout history. You can also modify your notification preferences.


Feastly operates a wide range of venues for our chefs to use. Venues are assigned based upon availability, experience and performance of the chefs. Please visit the venue section of this site for details on our spaces.

If you are hosting in your home, you can skip this. If you are seeking to use Feastly Venues, please consider the following:

  • BOOK EARLY! Our venues tend to book at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Please do not wait until the last minute.
  • DON'T CANCEL - If you cancel, you lose future privileges in the venues.
  • RECURRING SHIFTS - If you are given a recurring shift at one of our venues, it is considered an asset. You own that shift moving forward and it can be traded or upgraded as opportunities become available, based upon performance. 
  • AD-HOC SHIFTS - Some of our venues support ad-hoc scheduling. These are available to most chefs who would prefer not to lock into a regular-recurring shift. If you are developing your experience with Feastly, this is the best way to earn a recurring shift.


ASAP, ALWAYS! The sooner you can post your menus the better. The longer the event is listed in the marketplace, the more likely it will sell out. We cannot stress this enough. Some of our chefs have locked in their schedules for months. This ensures that you will get the best venues, but moreover, enables us to have ample time to market your meal.