Beyond the public marketplace many of our chefs are hosting private groups (corporate and individuals alike) for dinner and events (birthday parties, team offsites, etc). The most important factor in becoming a Feastly private meal chef, is to understand the opportunity and meet with the qualifications, as per below:


Becoming a Feastly private chef is great way to earn extra income beyond your public events. The benefits of private clients are:

  • Groups - bookings in quantity versus selling individual tickets.
  • Budget - typically there are higher budgets, especially corporate groups.
  • Referrals - there is ample opportunity to build your reputation.


If you are interested in cooking for private events, please contact your Community Manager. We have certain expectations for our private event chefs:

  • Flexible menu options: the more options you can expertly execute, the more clients you can serve.
  • Flexible schedule: our private event chefs must be ready to work. We often get requests last-minute.
  • Flexible attitude: private events attract a different clientele than the open marketplace. You will find some occasions where the experience is more like catering. Having a flexible attitude goes a long way in managing the various expectations of the guests. We need people who truly appreciate the nature of customer service. 
  • Reliable - every chef must show up on-time, with plenty of time to set up and be prepared. The privilege of receiving private event bookings hinges on this.
  • Professional - the expectations of private clients is that our chefs will perform efficiently
  • Prepared: you must come over-prepared. Exceed expectations, always.
  • Resourceful: things will go wrong. A great private event chef will make do with the resources they have.


Beyond this, we must emphasize that the nature of cheffing for private meals is often unlike hosting your public events. The expectations of private event planners can be more demanding, as the occasion for the event often rests on the shoulders of the planners. Moreover, the guests typically do not know the nature of the event they are attending and haven’t gone through the discovery / decision-making process that lends to enthusiastic diners.

That said, cheffing for private events can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Most events are celebratory experiences and when executed properly, creates a lot of loyal fans. The main thing to remember is that this is a service industry, the customer is always king and you should always be focused on exceeding expectations.


To be considered for private events, please contact