Following is a guide to posting your meal. The sections below correspond with the sections of the “Hosting Meals” section of your dashboard.



  • MENU NAME - Use a title that is familiar, enticing and interesting, but playful at the same time. ** Please make sure to use Title Capitalization for the menu name. 
  • DESCRIPTION - The description is your opportunity to explain the purpose of your meal. Why did you choose this menu, what’s the story behind the meal? 
  • CUISINE - Please select all of the cuisines that apply to your meal.
  • SPECIAL DIET - Please list all of the variations you can effectively execute for your menu. The more you are flexible, the greater appeal your meal will have.


  • DISHES - Your dish descriptions should include enough information to help people understand the ingredients and preparations. If you are particularly proud of the source of an ingredient, be sure to include a reference. Please make sure to use Title Capitalization for the dish names and be consistent in your capitalization.
  • DESIGNING MENUS - You have been chosen for a reason. Our team will try to convey to you what we loved about your food and personality. Try to stick with these elements when designing a menu. Don’t try to experiment or stray too far from what you do best. That said, try to think of ways to keep your menus fresh and make changes to bring people back time and time again. A good menu will be short and evocative.


  • PRICING YOUR MEAL - When starting out with Feastly, we recommend having focused meals with affordable pricing to build your audience. An unknown chef with a 10-course tasting menu for $100 will certainly languish in the marketplace. Consider centering a meal around a compelling dish with approximately 3 courses and offering it for $20-40, BYOB. You will sell more seats, build a following and ultimately make more money. Please read our detailed pricing guide for more specific information.
  • ALTERNATIVE MENU PRICING - Use this section to list possible variations on the menu. For example, Gluten Free Version = $40. This is also a great place to list wine pairings. Remember that this must be the FULL price of the meal with the options, not a supplement. For example; Meal Price $50, Meal with Wine Pairing $75.
  • ADD-ON: Add-ons are supplements to your menu, for example a wine pairing. Remember, the price is just that for the additional item you are offering. For example, Wine Pairing = $20


  • CHOOSE FROM SAVED PHOTOS - All of the photos you’ve used before are stored in our servers so you can use them for any meal.
  • UPLOAD PHOTOS - You should have AMAZING photos. This is what sells your meal. If you do not have them, don’t let it delay your posting. Put in temporary photos and contact your City Director to schedule a 



  • DATE - Please confirm with your community manager before posting any date, especially if a Feastly venue is required.
  • TIME - Some of our venues have hard-stop times. Please plan your timing to consider comfortable pacing of your courses and your completion time.


  • FEASTLY VENUES - If you are using a Feastly venue, you must select the official venue in the meal posting. It will appear in rectangle above your other venues with an official title. If you do not see the venue, do not create a new one. Contact us, we’ll authorize your venue and it will appear in your list. You can visit the venue section of this site for more details about our spaces.
  • YOUR VENUES - You can add as many of your own locations as necessary and save them for future use.


  • SEATING STYLE - As much as possible we recommend communal tables at Feastly meals.
  • SERVING STYLE - Please consider the staff required to execute your meal. A plated dinner will require more service than family-style.
  • NUMBER OF SEATS - Please check with your venue manager for the minimums and maximums of each Feastly venue.
  • PRIVACY OPTIONS - You can make the choice to manually approve all guests. This will require you to respond to each booking request. Also if you chose to limit access to meals, you will require guests to enter a password (select this for private events). 


  • ALCOHOL POLICY - If you plan to include alcohol as part of your meal, we suggest creating an alternative pricing (located below the normal prices) so that you can list your meal as affordably as possible. For BYO meals, make sure it is very clear to your guests - remind guests that they can bring their own alcohol in the email leading up your meal.
  • ADDITIONAL SPECIFICS: Shoes, Dress Code - The fewer restrictions the better.
  • WELCOME NOTE - Your guests will receive this note when they book your event.
  • EVENT HASHTAG - If you’d like your guests to tag you in social media.