Feastly charges 10% to guests when they book any meal. The standard charge to chefs is 10% for the venue and a 10% chef fee. Meals that are posted one month (30 days) in advance will qualify for the early posting discount which reduces the chef fee to 5%.

In specific cities, cleaning fees may apply.


Payouts are made twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will receive a direct deposit to your bank account, which may take a few business days to process.


Meals posted on Feastly may not be listed on any other ticketing platform. Ticketing one meal on multiple platforms may result in losing chef status on Feastly.


You are responsible for paying your own taxes. We provide a 1099 form at the end of the year.


In the ‘marketing’ section of your dashboard you can create discount coupons for your guests. Any discounts you offer here will be deducted from your final payments. Feastly may promote your meal with discount coupons we create. You will be paid in full for any Feastly coupons used.


Our cancellation policy allows users to cancel within 48 hours of your meal without penalty.


If a meal is sold out, following any cancellations your waitlist will be automatically contacted to purchase the available seats.


We strongly discourage chefs from canceling any meal. This creates a poor user experience for any guest that has booked a seat. Many meals with available seats have last-minute bookings up until the day of the event. If you have empty seats to fill, we suggest doing a push in your own social media. Feastly will also consider posting in our social media, email newsletters and other marketing resources.

If you must cancel due to low seat bookings or other circumstances, please request to cancel the meal from your dashboard and your City Director will contact you to discuss the cancellation.


We’re always seeking new chefs. Refer a chef to Feastly and we’ll reward you with $100 after they host their first event.


We recommend all of our chefs to remain up to date on legislation and requirements in your particular city.


We want you to feel confident to welcome guests into your home and our venues. Feastly has a $1,000,000 protection policy for your home. You can read about our policy by visiting https://eatfeastly.com/info/cook-protection/.


We do not encourage walk-ins for Feastly events. It blurries the line between a restaurant and our marketplace. Also there could be legal implications when you take cash on-site. In the event of a last-minute situation, please have the guest book and confirm their ticket on eatfeastly.com, even if this occurs on-site.