Congratulations on becoming part of the Feastly Chef Community.



Feastly is a marketplace for chefs to be able to express themselves, earn money and create community around the dining table. Our mission is to help you develop and achieve optimize your business goals.

Our marketplace allows chefs to create and sell unique dining experiences while earning money and expanding their audience. There is no standard format for a Feastly experience and we’re constantly discovering new opportunities and creative forms of expression. We are here to facilitate your dreams. We are always receptive to your feedback and will continue to grow as the premier advocate for chefs.




Below is a timeline of our onboarding cycle. You are likely already somewhere in the middle of this process:

  • APPLICATION: Interested chefs should complete the chef application and watch our introductory videos
  • DEMO: Select chefs will be invited to a Feastly venue to demo their dishes for the City Director. A professional photographer will be onsite to photograph the dishes and take a headshot.
  • ACCEPTANCE: Chefs who are approved to host through Feastly will receive an acceptance e-mail from their respective City Director that includes instructions on how to begin hosting.

    ------------------------->> YOU ARE HERE <<-------------------------

  • PROFILE: Create your chef profile: your profile should contain a clear headshot (pictures of you in a kitchen, in chef’s gear or cooking are useful) and a fun bio of your experience, inspiration and motivation for cooking.

  • PAYMENT: Add your payment information: please do not forget to link your bank account immediately. This is the only way to get paid.You will not be able to post your meal until your bank account has been linked and approved, which may take up to 36 hours.

  • POST: Create your menus and post your meals online


Your Feastly dashboard, located by clicking on your username on the top right corner of our website, is where all of your account details are managed. 

  • INBOX - All of your communications with Feastly guests occurs here. You can message individuals or groups (your past attendees).
  • HOSTING FEASTS - Here you can create, edit, analyze and market your Feastly meals. You can also add seats, manage the guest list and add more dates to existing meals. Note that you can create discount coupons in the marketing section to offer your VIPs.
  • ATTENDING FEASTS - This is where you can manage the events you’re attending. We strongly encourage our chefs to attend other meals and will offer you discounts (please ask your CM).
  • REVIEWS - After each meal you will be reviewed by your guests. You can see a summary here, as well as leave reviews for other chefs.
  • MY PROFILE - As mentioned above, this is where your chef profile can be edited.
  • FOLLOWERS - Users can follow individual chefs. If someone has chosen to follow you, you can see them here and also communicate with them.
  • ACCOUNT - Here you will enter your bank information for payments and track all of your payout history. You can also modify your notification preferences.


Feastly operates a wide range of venues for our chefs to use. Venues are assigned based upon availability, experience and performance of the chefs. Please visit the venue section of this site for details on our spaces.

If you are hosting in your home, you can skip this. If you are seeking to use Feastly Venues, please consider the following:

  • BOOK EARLY! Our venues tend to book at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Please do not wait until the last minute.
  • DON'T CANCEL - If you cancel, you lose future privileges in the venues.
  • RECURRING SHIFTS - If you are given a recurring shift at one of our venues, it is considered an asset. You own that shift moving forward and it can be traded or upgraded as opportunities become available, based upon performance. 
  • AD-HOC SHIFTS - Some of our venues support ad-hoc scheduling. These are available to most chefs who would prefer not to lock into a regular-recurring shift. If you are developing your experience with Feastly, this is the best way to earn a recurring shift.


ASAP, ALWAYS! The sooner you can post your menus the better. The longer the event is listed in the marketplace, the more likely it will sell out. We cannot stress this enough. Some of our chefs have locked in their schedules for months. This ensures that you will get the best venues, but moreover, enables us to have ample time to market your meal. 



Venues in the Feastly network require advanced reservation.

To request a venue and date, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start by going  to "Hosting Feasts" in your dashboard
  2. Click the button on the righthand side that says "Request Venue Date"
  3. To request a hold, choose a venue from the drop down to see availability at that space
  4. On the weekends you'll notice that there are two shifts available. "B/L" is for brunch/lunch events while "Din" is for dinner events
  5.  The dates in green are available while the dates in grey have already been booked
  6. Click on the date and shift that you would like to reserve and fill out the meal title and number of seats you would like to host
  7. Submit your request which will then be reviewed by your City Director
  8. You will be notified via email when you hold request has been reviewed
  9. If your venue request was approved, you must post your event within 3 days or your hold will expire and the venue/date will be available for other chefs to book





Following is a guide to posting your meal. The sections below correspond with the sections of the “Hosting Meals” section of your dashboard.



  • MENU NAME - Use a title that is familiar, enticing and interesting, but playful at the same time. ** Please make sure to use Title Capitalization for the menu name. 
  • DESCRIPTION - The description is your opportunity to explain the purpose of your meal. Why did you choose this menu, what’s the story behind the meal? 
  • CUISINE - Please select all of the cuisines that apply to your meal.
  • SPECIAL DIET - Please list all of the variations you can effectively execute for your menu. The more you are flexible, the greater appeal your meal will have.


  • DISHES - Your dish descriptions should include enough information to help people understand the ingredients and preparations. If you are particularly proud of the source of an ingredient, be sure to include a reference. Please make sure to use Title Capitalization for the dish names and be consistent in your capitalization.
  • DESIGNING MENUS - You have been chosen for a reason. Our team will try to convey to you what we loved about your food and personality. Try to stick with these elements when designing a menu. Don’t try to experiment or stray too far from what you do best. That said, try to think of ways to keep your menus fresh and make changes to bring people back time and time again. A good menu will be short and evocative.


  • PRICING YOUR MEAL - When starting out with Feastly, we recommend having focused meals with affordable pricing to build your audience. An unknown chef with a 10-course tasting menu for $100 will certainly languish in the marketplace. Consider centering a meal around a compelling dish with approximately 3 courses and offering it for $20-40, BYOB. You will sell more seats, build a following and ultimately make more money. Please read our detailed pricing guide for more specific information.
  • ALTERNATIVE MENU PRICING - Use this section to list possible variations on the menu. For example, Gluten Free Version = $40. This is also a great place to list wine pairings. Remember that this must be the FULL price of the meal with the options, not a supplement. For example; Meal Price $50, Meal with Wine Pairing $75.
  • ADD-ON: Add-ons are supplements to your menu, for example a wine pairing. Remember, the price is just that for the additional item you are offering. For example, Wine Pairing = $20


  • CHOOSE FROM SAVED PHOTOS - All of the photos you’ve used before are stored in our servers so you can use them for any meal.
  • UPLOAD PHOTOS - You should have AMAZING photos. This is what sells your meal. If you do not have them, don’t let it delay your posting. Put in temporary photos and contact your City Director to schedule a 



  • DATE - Please confirm with your community manager before posting any date, especially if a Feastly venue is required.
  • TIME - Some of our venues have hard-stop times. Please plan your timing to consider comfortable pacing of your courses and your completion time.


  • FEASTLY VENUES - If you are using a Feastly venue, you must select the official venue in the meal posting. It will appear in rectangle above your other venues with an official title. If you do not see the venue, do not create a new one. Contact us, we’ll authorize your venue and it will appear in your list. You can visit the venue section of this site for more details about our spaces.
  • YOUR VENUES - You can add as many of your own locations as necessary and save them for future use.


  • SEATING STYLE - As much as possible we recommend communal tables at Feastly meals.
  • SERVING STYLE - Please consider the staff required to execute your meal. A plated dinner will require more service than family-style.
  • NUMBER OF SEATS - Please check with your venue manager for the minimums and maximums of each Feastly venue.
  • PRIVACY OPTIONS - You can make the choice to manually approve all guests. This will require you to respond to each booking request. Also if you chose to limit access to meals, you will require guests to enter a password (select this for private events). 


  • ALCOHOL POLICY - If you plan to include alcohol as part of your meal, we suggest creating an alternative pricing (located below the normal prices) so that you can list your meal as affordably as possible. For BYO meals, make sure it is very clear to your guests - remind guests that they can bring their own alcohol in the email leading up your meal.
  • ADDITIONAL SPECIFICS: Shoes, Dress Code - The fewer restrictions the better.
  • WELCOME NOTE - Your guests will receive this note when they book your event.
  • EVENT HASHTAG - If you’d like your guests to tag you in social media.



It is very important to be well prepared for your Feastly meal. Always err on the side of over-prepared. The key to a successful evening is your ability to be relaxed, engaged and in control. Below is a rough guideline to consider as you approach your event.

1 Month Prior    

  • Make venue reservations.
  • Design & post your menu/meals (make it live).
  • Schedule your staff.

2-3 Days Prior        

  • Recipe planning - document every ingredient required.
  • Shopping - get as much done as far in advance as permissible.

1-2 Days Prior        

  • Prep - fill deli and food safe containers with your mise en place.
  • Organize and review your execution plan.
  • Send an email to your guests (see addendum with sample messages).
  • 3-4 Hours Prior    
  • Arrive at the venue, ready to go.
  • Set the table well in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to polish silverware and make a pretty table. 
  • Finish dishes - organize yourself so you are focusing on finishing.

30 Minutes Prior    

  • You should be ready to greet your guests. Relax and because you are  prepared.

1 Day After        

  • Follow up email to guests (see addendum with sample messages).


Our creative services team is here for you to utilize to help you come up with catchy titles, great photos, menu ideas and compelling copy to best present your menu. Please request their services, through your City Director, any time you want to add some punch to your meals.


While our team is hard at work selling seats to your meal, you can help.
Get on social media and spread the word before the event, on all platforms. 

  • Tag @eatfeastly (@feastly on FB) in all of your posts and use #feastly. 
  • Join and spread the word.
  • Post pictures after the event and start talking about your next date.
  • Invite friends to your Facebook event page and ask them to share with their friends.
  • Attend other Feastly dinners and tell the people you meet about your meals.


You are responsible for all staffing of your meals. This includes adequate kitchen support and front-of-house staffing. As a general rule, we recommend the following guidelines:

Less than 10 guests: 1 Chef/Server
10-15 Guests: 1 Chef, 1 Server
15-20 Guests: 1-2 Chefs, 1-2 Servers
20-30 Guests: 2 Chefs, 2 Servers
30-40 Guests: 3 Chefs, 3 Servers

Note: These estimates are based upon plated service. If you are doing a family-style meal, you may be able to reduce your staff slightly.


Our venues will typically have a venue manager on site for your first few events. They are there to facilitate smooth experiences and connect with the guests and act as an advocate for Feastly. They are not expected to help with service, though they may choose to if there is opportunity for them to pitch in. Please do not expect the venue managers to serve, dishes, clean or otherwise. Any help they provide is considered a bonus.


Decorate your space! Some flowers and candles on the table make a great impression on your guests. Be creative with napkins. Use decorations as an extension of your personality.



While every chef and meal is unique, we encourage chefs to consider some common-thread suggestions that embody a Feastly Experience. After hosting thousands of diners, we have learned many things about what our guests enjoy.


Always greet your guests at the door. Please do not let them just walk in and figure things out for themselves. Make them feel welcomed and at-home. Take their coats, help them get started drinking (either their BYO or your beverage service). It’s also always a good idea to have some food ready to eat (appetizers, snacks, amuse or antipasti).


Our guests expect to meet other guests. It is part of the charm of social-dining. Please consider bringing tables together and encouraging guests to interact with each other.


The guests want to connect with you. They want to hear your story. Please prepare an introduction of about 3-5 minutes at the start of your meal explaining your background, inspiration, perspective, etc.


Additionally, guests really enjoy hearing about each course as it is presented. After you drop the dish (or before if you want them to dig right in), take a moment and silence the crowd to explain the dish.


While you are not a restaurant, people appreciate a high-level of thoughtfulness in service. Make sure water is constantly available and filled. Keep wines chilled. Remove dirty dishes from the table. Try to pace your courses to avoid long gaps.


If you’ve prepared well, you should be able to enjoy the evening with your guests. Try to avoid getting caught in the weeds. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, slow down and take your time. Guests will appreciate the relaxed energy, which can sometimes overcome any delays.


Moreover, your guests want to interact with you. If there is an opportunity to sit at the table, please make every effort to do so. Even if you are churning in the kitchen, try to at least join each table for a few minutes to share in the social side of the evening.


Sometimes it can be awkward to move people along at the end of the night. In order to smoothly end your meal, consider these suggestions:

  • Set expectations: In your welcome email, remind people of the hard-stop time. Additionally, when you make your welcome announcement you might also make a friendly reminder.
  • Conclude: At the end of the night, about 15 minutes before people should leave, make an announcement that you’ve enjoyed the night, appreciate their attendance and will be wrapping up shortly. Suggest nearby bars. Turn up the lights.



Feastly charges 10% to guests when they book any meal. The standard charge to chefs is 10% for the venue and a 10% chef fee. Meals that are posted one month (30 days) in advance will qualify for the early posting discount which reduces the chef fee to 5%.

In specific cities, cleaning fees may apply.


Payouts are made twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will receive a direct deposit to your bank account, which may take a few business days to process.


Meals posted on Feastly may not be listed on any other ticketing platform. Ticketing one meal on multiple platforms may result in losing chef status on Feastly.


You are responsible for paying your own taxes. We provide a 1099 form at the end of the year.


In the ‘marketing’ section of your dashboard you can create discount coupons for your guests. Any discounts you offer here will be deducted from your final payments. Feastly may promote your meal with discount coupons we create. You will be paid in full for any Feastly coupons used.


Our cancellation policy allows users to cancel within 48 hours of your meal without penalty.


If a meal is sold out, following any cancellations your waitlist will be automatically contacted to purchase the available seats.


We strongly discourage chefs from canceling any meal. This creates a poor user experience for any guest that has booked a seat. Many meals with available seats have last-minute bookings up until the day of the event. If you have empty seats to fill, we suggest doing a push in your own social media. Feastly will also consider posting in our social media, email newsletters and other marketing resources.

If you must cancel due to low seat bookings or other circumstances, please request to cancel the meal from your dashboard and your City Director will contact you to discuss the cancellation.


We’re always seeking new chefs. Refer a chef to Feastly and we’ll reward you with $100 after they host their first event.


We recommend all of our chefs to remain up to date on legislation and requirements in your particular city.


We want you to feel confident to welcome guests into your home and our venues. Feastly has a $1,000,000 protection policy for your home. You can read about our policy by visiting


We do not encourage walk-ins for Feastly events. It blurries the line between a restaurant and our marketplace. Also there could be legal implications when you take cash on-site. In the event of a last-minute situation, please have the guest book and confirm their ticket on, even if this occurs on-site.



Beyond the public marketplace many of our chefs are hosting private groups (corporate and individuals alike) for dinner and events (birthday parties, team offsites, etc). The most important factor in becoming a Feastly private meal chef, is to understand the opportunity and meet with the qualifications, as per below:


Becoming a Feastly private chef is great way to earn extra income beyond your public events. The benefits of private clients are:

  • Groups - bookings in quantity versus selling individual tickets.
  • Budget - typically there are higher budgets, especially corporate groups.
  • Referrals - there is ample opportunity to build your reputation.


If you are interested in cooking for private events, please contact your Community Manager. We have certain expectations for our private event chefs:

  • Flexible menu options: the more options you can expertly execute, the more clients you can serve.
  • Flexible schedule: our private event chefs must be ready to work. We often get requests last-minute.
  • Flexible attitude: private events attract a different clientele than the open marketplace. You will find some occasions where the experience is more like catering. Having a flexible attitude goes a long way in managing the various expectations of the guests. We need people who truly appreciate the nature of customer service. 
  • Reliable - every chef must show up on-time, with plenty of time to set up and be prepared. The privilege of receiving private event bookings hinges on this.
  • Professional - the expectations of private clients is that our chefs will perform efficiently
  • Prepared: you must come over-prepared. Exceed expectations, always.
  • Resourceful: things will go wrong. A great private event chef will make do with the resources they have.


Beyond this, we must emphasize that the nature of cheffing for private meals is often unlike hosting your public events. The expectations of private event planners can be more demanding, as the occasion for the event often rests on the shoulders of the planners. Moreover, the guests typically do not know the nature of the event they are attending and haven’t gone through the discovery / decision-making process that lends to enthusiastic diners.

That said, cheffing for private events can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Most events are celebratory experiences and when executed properly, creates a lot of loyal fans. The main thing to remember is that this is a service industry, the customer is always king and you should always be focused on exceeding expectations.


To be considered for private events, please contact