It is very important to be well prepared for your Feastly meal. Always err on the side of over-prepared. The key to a successful evening is your ability to be relaxed, engaged and in control. Below is a rough guideline to consider as you approach your event.

1 Month Prior    

  • Make venue reservations.
  • Design & post your menu/meals (make it live).
  • Schedule your staff.

2-3 Days Prior        

  • Recipe planning - document every ingredient required.
  • Shopping - get as much done as far in advance as permissible.

1-2 Days Prior        

  • Prep - fill deli and food safe containers with your mise en place.
  • Organize and review your execution plan.
  • Send an email to your guests (see addendum with sample messages).
  • 3-4 Hours Prior    
  • Arrive at the venue, ready to go.
  • Set the table well in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to polish silverware and make a pretty table. 
  • Finish dishes - organize yourself so you are focusing on finishing.

30 Minutes Prior    

  • You should be ready to greet your guests. Relax and because you are  prepared.

1 Day After        

  • Follow up email to guests (see addendum with sample messages).


Our creative services team is here for you to utilize to help you come up with catchy titles, great photos, menu ideas and compelling copy to best present your menu. Please request their services, through your City Director, any time you want to add some punch to your meals.


While our team is hard at work selling seats to your meal, you can help.
Get on social media and spread the word before the event, on all platforms. 

  • Tag @eatfeastly (@feastly on FB) in all of your posts and use #feastly. 
  • Join and spread the word.
  • Post pictures after the event and start talking about your next date.
  • Invite friends to your Facebook event page and ask them to share with their friends.
  • Attend other Feastly dinners and tell the people you meet about your meals.


You are responsible for all staffing of your meals. This includes adequate kitchen support and front-of-house staffing. As a general rule, we recommend the following guidelines:

Less than 10 guests: 1 Chef/Server
10-15 Guests: 1 Chef, 1 Server
15-20 Guests: 1-2 Chefs, 1-2 Servers
20-30 Guests: 2 Chefs, 2 Servers
30-40 Guests: 3 Chefs, 3 Servers

Note: These estimates are based upon plated service. If you are doing a family-style meal, you may be able to reduce your staff slightly.


Our venues will typically have a venue manager on site for your first few events. They are there to facilitate smooth experiences and connect with the guests and act as an advocate for Feastly. They are not expected to help with service, though they may choose to if there is opportunity for them to pitch in. Please do not expect the venue managers to serve, dishes, clean or otherwise. Any help they provide is considered a bonus.


Decorate your space! Some flowers and candles on the table make a great impression on your guests. Be creative with napkins. Use decorations as an extension of your personality.